Automated Passenger Checkpoint (APC)

Filtro de Seguridad Automatizado

The design of the PROSESCAN Automated Passenger Checkpoint (APC) had in mind the airport security requirements, the comfort of the passengers, the optimization of personnel to run it, achieving a very competitive price and continuous improvement...

Our APC is modular and easy to assemble. It works for all X-ray machines brands and can be customized to meet space restrictions. The system is oered with some optional add-ons developed to resolved specic needs.

Filtro de Seguridad Automatizado
Filtro de Seguridad Automatizado

Main Features

  • Automated system to return empty trays underneath the X-ray machine (all brands).
  • Modular and custom-made to space requirements.
  • Increases the passenger throughput.
  • Minimizes the footprint of the checkpoint.
  • Manpower is reduced drastically.
  • Very competitive price.

Easy Access: The system has been designed to have an easy and fast access to almost every spot to recover items that might fall out along the screening process. Just switching o the system and removing the polycarbonate panels the operator has access to all the electromechanical equipment for maintenance tasks.

Reconciliation Lane: The system can be completed with a Reconciliation-of-baggagewith-passenger lane. Once the tray is identied as “not clear”, a deviator moves the tray to this parallel roller lane for further screnning with the passenger. The implementation of this lane improves signicantly the passenger throughput of the APC..

Filtro de Seguridad Automatizado
Filtro de Seguridad Automatizado

Optional add-ons

  • Reconciliation lane to increase throughput.
  • Closing U-shape conguration.
  • Light beacon to alert police from console on suspect bag.
  • Ergonomic stainless-steel operator console.
  • Integrated roll up shutters.
  • Folding chair located on the side of the APC for passengers whose shoes need to be screened. The chair does not take any space at the checkpoint area.
  • Frequency Jammer to be activated from the console when a threat is identied in the X-ray machine. - It blocks RF, GSM, 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), Wi-Fi signals.
  • Provides protection until further step is taken (Police).
Filtro de Seguridad Automatizado

Sample of a complete APC system

Filtro de Seguridad Automatizado

Sample of a complete APC system including reconciliation lane and double enclos