Roller Conveyor

The PROSESCAN roller conveyors have been designed for airport passenger check points. Thes conveyors will carry totes and bags through the screening process performed by the X-Ray machines.

All parts have been designed by PROSESCAN meeting EU standards.

Units are tailored to match the aesthetic of the existing equipment, like the X-ray machines.

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Technical Requirements

System Specifications

  • Temperature: 0 - 45°C.
  • Relative Humidity: 5 - 100% without condensation.
  • Materials meet the highest quality standards. We have avoided sharp corners and kinks using specic methods of forming that do not break or damage the material, which in turn might cause damage to goods and people.
  • All components are designed to provide uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Features of the structural material

  • Structure made of extrusion forming aluminum, meeting specications EN 755-1/2 (extruded aluminum).
  • Roller beds are built in a modular way, free of edges, sharp protrusions, sharp screws and outages that may cause possible entrapment or harm to the passengers.
  • The structure is designed and built of high density anodized aluminum meeting the following specs:
    • Alloy: Al Mg Si 0,5 F25 (6060/6063).
    • Density: 2,7 gr/cm3.
    • Anodizing thickness : 15μm.
    • Anodizing hardness: 250-350HV.
    • Limit of elasticity: 120 N/mm2.
    • Shear modulus of elasticity: 27000 N/mm2.
    • Brinell hardness: 75HB.
    • Expansion coeficient: 23,8•10ˉ6•Kˉ1.
    • Strain point: A5>10% - A10>8%.

Overall dimensions

The overall dimensions of each section of roller conveyor can be dened by the client. The width will be based on the model of X -ray machine installed at the airport.

The height of the roller conveyor can also be dened by the client. This height can be extended along the roller conveyor by M12 hex head screws located on the top of the polyamide feet of the legs. This screws provide an adjustable height, between 0 to 100 mm, that will allow the trays be moved without effort from the passenger.


Discharge rollers: Each roller bed comprises a number of idler rollers made of PVC alongside the bed, except at the ends and in the center of each conveyor, where galvanized steel rollers are installed to facilitate the discharge of static electricity. This static is created by the plastic polymers trays having constant contact with the PVC rollers. These discharge rollers are grounded to facilitate the static electricity discharge.

All rollers have bearings able to handle 25kg load each. The diameter of the roller is 50mm (Ø50), being separated 1.6 mm from each other to facilitate the replacement during maintenance works.

Anti- entrapment security rollers: Anti- entrapment rollers are made of galvanized steel to facilitate the ESD (electrostatic discharge). Its function is to avoid trapping of any object that might occur between the roller path and X- Ray Scanner.

Collecting tray

The collecting tray is located between the conveyor belt scanner at the exit of the X-ray machine and the roller conveyor, to prevent the falling of objects that might have moved inside the scanner, getting out of the trays to the conveyor belt.

Side walls

Each roller conveyor segment has side walls of 12mm thick protections made of composite resin, and with the same color RAL as the scanner manufacturer to maintain visual homogeneity. This side walls have a protective height of 40mm above the top surface of the rollers to avoid the falling of objects.

This material has been chosen because of its ability to absorb impacts without brittle fracture being suficient to ensure the rigidity and strength of the unit.

This element consists of high pressure laminates , made of multiple layers of saturated paper with thermosetting resins bound together by the combined action of heat (140-150 ° C) and high pressure (< 7Mpa) . This makes it a stable, non-reactive, homogeneous, non-porous product, high density, with a diferent physical and chemical pro-le related to their constituent parts.

Camino de rodillos

Quality Assurance

Prosescan holds certications of ISO 9001/200 and ISO 14001 audited by AENOR. This is a guarantee of compliance with the requirements of the project.