Conveyor Belts

Each element has been specially designed to work at airport passenger check points, carrying totes and bags through the screening process performed by the X-Ray machines.

All parts have been designed by PROSESCAN meeting EU standards.

Units are tailored to match the aesthetic of the existing equipment, like the roller conveyors and X-ray machines.

Mechanical side

  • Temperature: 0-45ºC.
  • Relative humidity 5% to 100% without condensation.

Boxes and control cabinets for electric/electronics equipment

  • Temperature: 0-60ºC.
  • Relative humidity 5% to 100% without condensation.

Electric/electronic equipment

  • Temperature: 0-60ºC.
  • Relative humidity 5% to 100% without condensation.
  • Conveyor belts are built in a modular way, free of edges, sharp protrusions, sharp screws and outages that may cause possible entrapment or harm to the passengers.
  • All components are designed to provide uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Features of the structural material

  • Structure made of extrusion forming aluminum, meeting specications EN755-1/2 (extruded aluminum). All the structural aluminum will have a nished anodized surface.
Cinta Motorizada


Our conveyor belts can work in a stand-alone mode, or fully integrated with the X-ray machine. In this last mode the movement of the conveyor belt will be controlled by the X-ray machine console. Our system works with all major X-ray machines manufacturers.

Power and Protections

The standard conguration has an electrical cabinet with an automatic power surge protection (level of protection IP44).

All cables and materials comply with the most stringent airport regulations. (UNE 21147).

The equipment has emergency buttons on both sides of the unit to fully stop the system in case of an entrapment or any other contingency.

Speed of the conveyor belt

The speed of the conveyor belt can be regulated from 0.05 to 0.90 m/s.

Connection to the X-ray machine

Our conveyors are attached to the X Ray machine by a center overlap brackets adapted to each model. The anchoring method is the same as the one provided by the X-ray manufacturer.

Static Load

The system is able handle up to 40 Kg/m.

Methacrylate protection

We provide covers made of transparent methacrylate to prevent access of the passengers to the motorized conveyor.The height of this tunnel will be the same as the exit side of the X Ray machine.

Cinta Motorizada

Auxiliar equipment

Collecting tray

The collecting tray is located between the motorized conveyor at the exit of the X-ray machine and the roller conveyors, to prevent the falling of objects that might have moved inside the scanner. This collecting tray is made of galvanized steel and padded with felt.

Drum motors

Drum motors have single and three-phase AC motor, single voltage, integral motor protection, techno polymer planetary gear, low running noise,reduced weight, no maintenance, lifetime lubrication, and reversible.

Cinta Motorizada

Quality Assurance

Prosescan holds certications of ISO 9001/200 and ISO 14001 audited by AENOR. This is a guarantee of compliance with the requirements of the project.