About us

The company

PROSESCAN S.A.U. was established as a development company and manufacturer of security equipment and systems focused exclusively for the government institutions.

After extensive experience in R & D and manufacturing systems, PROSESCAN joined in the global security sector with high technology equipment and high reputation.

Quality Assurance

PROSESCAN is certified by ISO quality standards and environment, and approved by the Ministries of Defense and Interior to the role of its activity.

Certificados AENOR


Since its creation, Prosescan’s infrastructure is framed within different countries and continents where our developments are known and used by governments demanding.

The coordinated international reciprocity of information, keeps us to be at the forefront of precise information about the events making us participants in the procedures used in other countries.

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Investigation, Development & Innovation

In our factory we design and built research the equipment for the protection and counter dimensions: in the various aspects that shape the security environment of goods and people, from a latent reality assumptions and prevention.