General Description

•    A tactical countermeasure system designed to block HF  

•    Frequency range from 2-30MHz

•    Designed for deliberate disruption of radio signals
     transmission of unwanted communications in all
     rugged,tactical and extreme environments.

•    Multiple Jamming techniques available

•    Optional as a mobile unit upon client request

Solution Capabilities

•    HF frequencies jamming 

•    Provides Communications Window with maximum 

•    Jamming radius dependent on:
      -    Transmitter Frequency
      -    Output Power
      -    Distance to receiver
      -    Obstacles in between

•    The system operates on a High performance FPGA, using   
     mixed signals for maximum jamming efficiency.

•    Each unique noise signal creates a interference between the
     transmitter and receiver allowing a selective jamming area
     through Broadband Antennas that can be used with long wire
     and Omni directional antennas for 360° jamming.

Very Short Range Air-Radar

Technical Specifications

  • RF Characteristics

  • Output Power: Up to 4,000 Watts per band
  • Jamming Range: Up to 20 km on the move
    Up to 60 km on halt
  • Internal Modulation: Tone, FM Hopping Frequency, Sweep,                                      White Noise, Any I&Q File 
  • Signal Source: High Speed I&Q Modulator
  • Power Supply: 220/380VAC
  • Jamming Sweeping Rate: Programmable
  • Current : 225A@48VDC (Per Band)
  • Modules Per Unit: 1-3
  • Remote Control: ON/OFF
  • Antenna: Rotate antenna (optional)
  • Power Amplifier Protectors: Full VSWR protector
    Thermal protector
    Over Current protector
  • Harmonics:  -40 dBc
  • Jamming Frequency Range
  • Frequency Band: 2-4 MHz 4,000W
                                  4-8 MHz 4,000W
                                  8-16 MHz 4,000W
                                  16-32 MHz 4,000W
  • Air Interface Standards: HF/VHF/UHF
  • Physical Data
  • Dimensions: 500 x 430 x 676 mm – 19” x 18U (4 Drawers)
  • Weight: Approx. 485Kg
  • Environment of Operation
  • Operating Temp: -10ºC - +65ºC
  • Humidity: 5% - 80%
  • Optional Accessories
  • Backup Battery: Yes
  • Electric Generator: 01
  • Control Cable Via PC: LAN TCP/IP
  • DC-DC Converter: 48VDC